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Thread: Message - Program needs to be elevated

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    Question Message - Program needs to be elevated

    I'm new to Vista and have attempted to use my older programs.

    MS Office 2003 gives an error message saying that the program needs to be 'elevated'

    Canon Lide 50 installation just stops loading half way through the installation.

    Is it a solvable problem? Or am I destined to run two operating systems?

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    Microsoft Office 2003 is compatible with Windows Vista.

    However, if you receive a document in Office 2007 format, whereas you have Office 2003 installed, to read it you may have to install the
    Office Compatibility Pack.

    I guess you are getting the 'operation requires elevation' message.

    Theoratically, elevation can be done in various ways, but its only the first method which may interest you:

    - You can manually elevate the program using Run as Administrator menu option.

    - Application compatibility database/registry locations indicate program needs to be elevated

    - Program's internal or external manifest indicates elevation is necessary

    - Installer heuristics detected or contains known installer bits

    Disable UAC and see it it helps in the installation of Canon Lide 50.

    Also see if Program Compatibility Wizard In Windows Vista helps you. Take Ownership Of System Files in Windows Vista may also help you.

    Maybe some others have some more ideas on this too

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    Sorry I have not replied earlier, my brand new 'vista' computer has gone defective and is now back with the retailer, so I have not had a chance to test your solution. I'm now using my 'XP' laptop. KenethS

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    Hi and welcome to the forum. As Andy says the compatability pack will solve many if not most of your problems between Office 2003 & 2007, you should also have all the service packs for 2003 which you can get directly from the office web site at Microsoft (sorry don't have the link). You could go directly to cannon for the Vista drivers or these may show up via auto updates, if you are unable to run in compatability mode.

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