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Thread: Weird WMP

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    Default Weird WMP

    Here is a strange behavior of the Media Player that has me puzzled since quite a while. It is not really a problem that needs to be resolved, but I would like to know what causes this behavior of the WMP. I have observed the same on several different systems - large and small.

    Observation: Whenever I start music with the WMP (regardless whether from within the WMP or from a music file), the cursor accompanied by an hour glass is wildly hopping up and down by about 2 millimeters. This lasts for about 2 to 3 minutes and then everything is back to normal. I usually then minimize the WMP into the system tray. If I then start more music, once the WMP got started, the problem does not occur. Looking into more details, I found the following:

    1. The DPC's run at about 6% of CPU time where usually they are below 1%. That would point to increased I/O activity or other sources of interrupts.
    2. The DPC latency, however, does not increase significantly. It never exceeds 1000ysec which suggests that the DPC stacks do not grow too much and that there are no buffer overflows.
    3. The WUDFHost.exe runs at about 18% CPU during that time (on a 2.5GHz duo core CPU). But since this .exe is pretty generic, I do not really know what it is doing except that it is mostly running TID 3300 and TID 3296.

    My conclusion (without conviction): When the WMP is started, it builds up either a temporary file or feeds the paging file with the music data. A similar behavior I had seen on a smaller system with Ready Boost active after system start. The cursor with hour glass were jumping whilst the Ready Boost stick was flickering.

    My questions to you:

    1. Do you have a better explanation for this phenomenon
    2. Do you know what the WUDFHost.exe is doing
    3. What are TID 3300 and TID 3296 doing
    4. Do you observe a similar WMP behavior on your system

    As I said, this is not a real problem and we need not loose sleep over it. But it did get my attention and my curiosity and it would be nice if we could shed more light on it.
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