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Thread: Cmd.Exe Application Error

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    Default Cmd.Exe Application Error

    Hi, I have an issue with my Cmd.exe application. What happens is, whenver I try to use the Cmd.exe.

    It activates the program, however in a split second the program closes without me even doing anything to it. Then in another split second a pop up shows up and says this. "Windows is now shutting down" and it dissapears. Soon my Laptop begins to close all the other applications and begins to power down.

    All my other programs and files are working properly after I have rebooted the laptop and I doubt that this issue is harmfull but rather of an inconvinience and annoyance.

    I own a Acer Aspire 6850 and it comes with a pre installed Vista home premium OS.

    The issue started about 2 days ago and I was trying to use the Cmd.exe application for pinging my network card and router for other reasons.

    Can anyone please give me thier thoughts and ideas for this issue....or even a solution.

    I'm also not an IT Pro but can understand enough instructions if it's easily identifiable.

    Thanks much help appreciated.

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    First of all you need to scan your system with a good anti-virus.
    Well,you can try these two methods:

    1.First try to restore your system to the previous restore point when the cmd.exe was working fine.
    2.Though the command prompt is opening you might try RRT this tool to remove any restrictions caused by a virus or trojan.
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    From where do you start the cmd.exe - Accessories, System32 folder, shortcut?

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