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Thread: Thumbs.db on Network Drive

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    Default Thumbs.db on Network Drive

    Just installed a 1TB network hard drive and Vista (SP1) keeps creating thumbs.db all over the place. It's confusing to end users and only happens on the network drive. Any way to get these things to go away forever without disabling image preview?

    Am also experiencing some funky error messages with Excel (Office 2003) on Vista where it thinks someone else opened my spreadsheet since when I opened it (also from the network drive). I always have to deal with a crazy dialog box asking me to overwrite the original or make a copy. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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    The thumbs.db file is a hidden file, generated by Windows, so unless you have configured explorer to show hidden files, you wont see them. In folder options, I think there is an option 'Do not cache thumbnails'. Try that. Also see : What are thumbs.db files ?

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