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Thread: Cant reload Vista

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    Default Cant reload Vista

    the other day my laptop froze up and i had to perform a hard shutdown. Well i put the repair disk in and tried to repair windows. Well it worked then a few days later i had to do it again. So this time from the disk i deleted the files on the hard drive and reloaded vista again and it get all the way through and then says please wait while i reload. the laptop restarts then it says please wait while windows loads for the first time..then froze like that for over a hour then screen went black?!?!

    any ideas?

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    Firstly welcome to Forum Your disk could be corrupt which some times happens. Have you tried it on another machine to check it out? I must admit I am not a fan of repair disks and like to have a full copy of Vista in case I have to re-install. If you know some one who has a copy and you have your activation key, my advice would be to load from that, but I am sure that others will offer more advice for you

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    Check hard disk for errors use hdtach pro for your health of hard disks proly its coz of bad sectors and one more thing to check is rams. Use memtest86 to check rams...

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