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Thread: Vista Home Premium versus iTunes and DVD player

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    Default Vista Home Premium versus iTunes and DVD player

    Hi there! I'll try to describe my problem as abbreviated as possible. I have caught this issue in a few forums with some "answers" but none that actual resolve the problem.

    I have a Toshiba Satellite p205d laptop running Windows Vista Home Premium. It has a multi CD/DVD rewritable drive. For the longest time there was not a problem. Then I noticed periodically that I couldn't use a Disc for a new program to download. (no biggie; put on wife's XP machine and downloaded to Flash drive then to my laptop)

    Now I'm wanting to watch DVD's which I could in the beginning. Just haven't used it in a while. It simply rolls around for a bit and then spits the disc back out. The DVD is NOT recognized. But, CD's are fine. So, it appears from reading, there is an issue with registry settings since some update with something. I can do the "fix" offered in various places to remove the upper/lower filters which I've done and it works. Then I can use the DVD player for video or programs.

    BUT, as warned with the "fix" some other programs may not operate correctly such as iTunes and Roxio Media and may have to re-download them. Well, sure enough iTunes give message that CD settings are bad and won't be able to import CD's. I re-download iTunes and still get the same message.

    I want on my laptop for iTunes to function properly more than I want to watch DVD's so I do a System Restore to get the registry settings back in line. I've done this a couple times to see if I'd get any different results.

    Any ideas? Heard of this? Anyway to make it all work right again?

    Thanks much!
    (my first post)

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    I am sorry but I am missing the problem here.,..

    Correct me if I am wrong, your problem is that your DVD player (iTunes) wont play DVD movies from your DVD drive.. When inserting any disc, it simply pops it out with error disc not recognized ??

    Is that your problem ??

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    Well, I thought I explained pretty well. It relates to the "fix" here with Microsoft:

    Your CD drive or DVD drive is missing or is not recognized by Windows or other programs

    And, there is no particular error message when the disc pops out. It searches for a while and then spits it out. I determined the dvd/rw drive wasn't being recognized by reading other forums and searching for the drive. Could only find CD drive, not DVD drive.


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