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Thread: Fixing IE 8

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    Default Fixing IE 8

    I had loaded IE8 beta a while back and all was well. Then I recieved a browser hijacker. Beta 8 stoped working. I loaded the complete version IE8 and it would not open or so we thought. Found it showed up in the processes but never on screen.

    Some how the person who set off the hijacker took out my verizon security suite as well and lots of other stuff. The company producing verizon security suite software told me they needed IE any version to re install there software and it would not work with chrome or firefox. I told them my problem and they worked on IE for 2 hours they could not find IE7 for vista either and then it dawned on me..... original disk for vista has IE 7 so we re installed 7 and it workd fine. after cleaning my computr of all bugs and viruses i upgraded to IE 8 and it would not open on screen until i closed it down in processes and then opend it as admin that opend it.

    It was very slow at first about 20 min to get first page so I closed it rebooted my cmputer and now it works great. Cant tell you how some things fixed but thats how I did it.

    Hope this Helps. Oh and im running vita 32.

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    for me IE8 is running awesome, give a registry clean, clean all temproary files and junk files and disable all addons and once set IE8 defaults settings. after that IE8 may work normally.

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