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Thread: Fixing Vista - cannot connect to internet

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    Default Fixing Vista - cannot connect to internet

    My nieces computer currently wont let her hook up to the internet. I believe that she might have a virus. My father in laws computer(XP) did the same thing. I uninstalled everything and then reinstalled it and it cured the problem. My niece doesnt have any discs for her computer. I was wondering if there is anything I can do or download to a disc and uninstall and reinstall on hers? By the way, my computer ability is limited.

    thank you

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    Are the ip's configured in your network connection or is it to set to Automatic.?? IF not set u need to add ip address dns address and dns servers details...

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    check that the network(modem) cable is properly connected to computer or not, check the connection profile, whether the username and password are correct, clear all the junk files and temproary files, use the dignoase system of vista and if the problem still persists, then it is good to contact your ISP...
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