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Thread: Windows Installer 4.5

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    Default Windows Installer 4.5

    Dear all,

    I tried to install my telephony software from my phone company, the repeated error message was along the lines of "Windows Installer cannot be used, call support", which I did. I was on the phone with the hotline all day yesterday, he told me to install Service Pack 1, which I did. After hours it finally finished installing, but the same error occured.
    I then tried to download either of three files (tried all of them) for windows installer 4.5 (for Vista) from the MS website. The repeated error message was "Update isn't supported by your system".
    Now that I praised Vista, I suppose it serves me right. In my desparation I also tried to download the XP Installer 3.1 without avail (time out).
    It's a puzzling thing, does anyone have experience with this? I much appreciate the input.

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    you may read the documentation of the software requriements......check for essential requirements and see whether you meet them or must update your windows fully, updation will solve all the installer problems....which Service pack of vista you are using?

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