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Thread: Dont have enough access privliges...?

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    I wanted to ask if you ever received a solution to this problem. I am using Windows 7 and ITunes 10 and am attempting to load Lord of the rings Digital Copies. I receive the message, "you do not have enough access privileges" (error -5000)
    I am running as 'Administrator' and have gone into the folder/subfolders and changed permissions to 'full control.' Still having the problem. I also went into the ITunes Compatibility Tab and changed to 'Run as Administrator.'
    Any help would be appreciated

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    I also am having access problems. I am the ONLY ONE on my PC [vista] in admin mode, but still have to click on authorization popup window on quite a few programs that I have installed, telling PC 'come on now, let me use it'. Not those exact words, but meaning the same thing. If I don't click on it, I can't use it.

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