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Thread: Can't access: control panel, default programs, or personalize

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    Default Can't access: control panel, default programs, or personalize

    I can't access the control panel, default programs, and personalize. Downloaded Ultimate Windows Tweaker but this did not resolve the issue. When I first got the computer I was able to access the right click > personalize feature and set up hybernation/sleep mode. But now when the computer goes into hybernation/sleep mode, it doesn't come out of it. I'm forced to shut off the computer via the power switch. Any ideas on how to tweak the computer to regain control of these features?

    Thanks Evan

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    give a windows defender scan and also scan the whole PC with your antivirus and if UAC is disabled then enable it back. give a disk cleanup and run cmd as administrator and execute the following command, compcln.exe after that give a restart and try again, i think your windows will work normally....

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    Can't access would be? A bit more description on the error/issue would be great.

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    Cant access, meaning what? Are the pages blank? Or doe they not open whne you click on them? Could you please be a little more specific?

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