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Thread: Issues with Windows Defender

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    Question Issues with Windows Defender

    I have Windows Vista on my laptop and my Windows Defender was doing it's usually update when this came on screen
    Error found: Code 0x80244019
    I then proceeded to click check for updates now and it continues to come up with the same error message. I then placed microsoft and windows through my site approval, then re-boot the computer however no solution appears to occurr. Most times it comes up with a blank window, however their isn't any internet connection issues with the page. I also took off my anti-virus software thinking that this might help and didn't, and then tried to re-load it back onto my laptop and have this come up on screen
    Error 0x8007013d
    What do I do to fix both problems?

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    Try this:

    Open Internet Explorer, go to Tools, Internet Options, and click the Advanced tab at the top.

    Now click Reset, and click Reset again. Restart IE and close it.

    Now try WD Update.

    You may want to open IE when finished and go to Tools, Manage Ad-Ons, and go through the list and enable any ad-ons you want to use as the Reset may have disabled them.

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    Restart the service of Windows start, type msconfig in search bar then go to services and uncheck the windows defender from the list and click on apply then give a restart and after booting up again open the msconfig and restart the windows defender service again by checking it and then click on apply.
    then try the windows defender update, it may work and check whether the windows update is started or not....or for more details go to..
    How to troubleshoot definition update issues for Windows Defender | Microsoft KB918355

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    Run elevated CMD and navigate to C:\Program Files\Windows Defender
    and run following command to revert back all update definitions to default.

    mpcmdrun -RemoveDefinitions -All

    and then

    mpcmdrun -Scan

    *mpcmdrun is Windows Defender Command Line Utility and used to automate and troubleshoot Windows Defender

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