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Thread: Windows API Code Pack v0.90 Now Live on web

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    Default Windows API Code Pack v0.90 Now Live on web

    The v0.90 release of Windows API Code Pack for Microsoft .NET Framework which is also called as a Windows Bridge, is now live on Code Gallery.

    Features added in this release are

    • DirectX D3D10.1/10.0, D2D 1.0, DirectWrite and Windows Imaging Component
    • Taskbar Tabbed Thumbnail and Thumbnail Toolbar

    Some of the VistaBridge features added to Windows API Code Pack in this release are

    • Power Management
    • Application Restart and Recovery
    • Command Link
    • System defined Shell icons
    • Network List Manager

    Other enhancements done in this release are

    • A large number of bugs fixes in the previously released features
    • Refactoring of Shell Property system
    • Addition of many new and improved samples.
    • Addition of VB.NET samples for some features
    • Improved API Reference documentation and addition of some conceptual documents

    For a full list of features supported in this release please visit the Code Gallery.

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    The most desired component for .Net Devs to achieve Windows features in .NET apps.
    thanx Rahul for the latest release notification.

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