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Thread: Resource Issues

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    Default Resource Issues

    I have an HP Pavilion desktop with (1) windows vista 64 bit (2) 8 GB RAM (3) 512 mb dedicated video memory NVDIA graphics card.

    Whenever I have a large number of applications running - typically over 100 instances of Internet Explorer (combination of tabs/windows) reach a point where when I open up and additional tab of IE or other program where my graphics go haywire and some programs that I attempt to run will give me out of resource errors. Tabs in Firefox, if running, will be unreadable - and remain that way. If I shut down a couple of processes the graphics return to normal (Except for firefox).

    When this happens I am only using half of my 8 GB RAM and the CPU is 30% at most. Could this have anything to do with Desktop heap from Windows Vista limiting what I can do? I have the settings for Desktop heap set to the maximum values recommended by Microsoft.

    Does anyone have any experience with running many applications like this? I have checked: (1) RAM memory (2) Graphics card (3) Drivers (4) Virus's. If I remain under the limit when the problem starts everything remains fine.

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    In regards to Firefox, in my understanding, it cannot use all the available memory in your system as it is a 32-bit application.

    IE is 64-bit, on the other hand, so I am not sure what to make of this.

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