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Thread: Eternal loop - Updates didn't configure

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    Hello All. I am new here, and I kind of wish I wasnt, but Vista SP1 x64 has TOTALLY screwed up on me. I dl'd some updates. A couple of them didn't take. So, the only I get the message I get was: "Updates didn't configure correctly. Reverting Updates...Do not shut down computer" then it shut down and started all over again with the same damn message.... Over and over again...

    I even went into my BIOS and disabled the hard drive to try and boot XP Professional. Nope The computer wasnt having that. I got a message saying that set up stopped due to the possible f'ing up of my hard drive, etc, etc...

    That "Updates didn't configure" was the only screen I could get for hours because it was on an eternal loop. But just now, I got up and checked it's status, and low & behold, I FINALLY saw my login screen.

    So, my question now is, do I junk Vista and revert back to my XP Professional 32 bit? Becasue I will say right now that I've had more problems with Vista than any other MS Windows platform since Windows hit the market.

    And just our of curiosity (the main reason I am here) how the HELL do you get out of a loop like that, other than let Vista run it's course? How would one go about downgrading to XP Professional (let alone try and fix the problem with a Vista back up) when stuck in a loop like I encountered?

    Thank you to anyone who might have answers in advance.


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    Q: How to get out of the loop?
    A: Safe Mode Always works

    Q: How to fix it?
    A: System Restore. Mostly works

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    Pls also check this and this.

    That should hopefully help.

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    i've also faced the same problem when last time i installed the vista, but after clearing windows update backups n renaming software distribution folder in windows folder and restarting windows update service solved my problem.....

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