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Thread: System Restore points revisited

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    Default System Restore points revisited

    I understand why you cannot delete selected points, and why older points get deleted first. If conserving space on hard drive is your main concern you can limit the space from within windows.

    My interest in deleting points is to keep a "fresh install" in system restore and not use ghost or a cloning program. So that leaves not permitting windows to create any new restore points. Some updates, system checkpoints and program installations automatically create restore points.

    Is there a way to create an initial restore point and keep windows from creating any subsequent points.

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    I don't think can turn off system protection, becoz once it is done, it'll delete all previous system restore points. too..

    Use System Restore and Backup...and create backup image of system partition.

    then you can turn off system protection to stop creating subsequent restore points.

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    Nope, you cannot create a first/initial system restore point and then save it. Yes that would have been nice, but as pointed out above, turning off system restore subsequently, will delete the points.

    An earlier discussion here may interest you.

    You could however create a system image of your fresh install using W7 itself or a freeware imaging tool like Easus ToDo.

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    If you want to keep an image of your initial install, you will have to use an imaging program. Besides the fact that system restore from Vista restore points is one of the less reliable functions in Vista, you also want to protect yourself against an HDD failure. And that is possible with an imaging program because the images are being written to a disk other than the OS disk.
    A while ago a made a little summary of the various options (not exhaustive) that you find here: Ghosting approaches - summary because of popular demand How-To Geek Forums
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    Default Delete from task scheduler

    Go to task scheduler - library - microsoft - windows - system restore

    Delete the entry there. Vista unknowingly creates restore points almost every day. You can still create restore points manually after deleting the task.

    While your there you can delete another major annoyance, defrag. Delete the entry, and you won`t have your hard drive churning all day, sending it to a premature death. Again, you can manually defrag at your convenience. You might want to try UltimateDefrag, it`s free, and 10 times faster too!

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