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Thread: Problem with the picture folder

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    Default Problem with the picture folder


    First post so be gentle please... I've had a search through the forum but couldn't find this in there so here goes.

    I friend has a problem with his Vista laptop in that within his 'Pictures' folder there's only one folder named 'picture' and in that another folder named 'pictures' and so on and so on, then finally he gets to his photo files.

    This is how he phrased it:

    "I open the folder named "pictures", inside that folder is another folder named "pictures",etc ,etc but as they each open it creates a sort of stairway of folders with the same title in the Menu bar.On checking the "properties" of each folder they all seem to be empty apart from one which has all the pictures in it ! but there is no clue as to which one that might be .

    Thus ,when i try to delete the main folder"Pictures" it prompts that it`s too large to go to the trash bin and asks if i want to permanently delete it.If i do the folder shortcut still remains on the menu bar but if i try to open it it says the location must have moved or something"

    If he deletes it as he has been then naturally the shortcut won't know where to point to. Is the solution to this to type "Shell: My Pictures" in the start/search box? I understand this recreates the 'Pictures' folder in the location defined in the registry with all the correct .ini settings, logo etc.

    Or is there a different solution?

    Thanks in advance

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    Try this: Go to the last Picture folder and copy all the pictures from it and place them in some other folder, maybe on the desktop.

    Now open the main Picture folder and delete the Picture folder which has all the other Picture folders directly.

    Now place all the moved Pictures into the main Picture folder.

    Does this help? Was this the solution you were looking for?

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    Default I'll try it

    Thanks , I'll let him know and give it a try and get back to you.

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