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Thread: Problems writting Google Message keys not working!

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    Default Problems writting Google Message keys not working!

    I have reciently set up a google e-mail account. However, when i compose an e-mail it takes forever to write as either when pressing the keys dosent show or i have to press the keys 3 -4 or even 5 times to show one key stroke.

    All other e-mail accounts i have other than Google mail I dont have this trouble and there is no problem e-mailing this to problem on my pc just on trying to compose an e-mail on googlemail and it is driving me mad.

    I want all my e-mails to be forwarded to googlemail but a little reluctant at the mouse as it is too much effort to even write an e-mail HELP

    I am using windows Vista...Any replys can I have in a basic form, new to this thank you.

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    I've done a bit of searching and it seems to be a known issue with Gmail, also as suggested here - Keyboard slow to respond when typing emails.

    Assuming that you are using Internet Explorer browser, the suggestion at the moment, is to use an alternative browser - Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.

    Perhaps this is something to do with how IE handles JavaScript used in Gmail, or something...

    BTW are you using the latest IE8 or IE7?

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    I have not heard of this before, but I stopped using Google mail sometime ago and went for live mail instead. I have found that this is far better and once you have a live account, you only need one account name and password for the many live applications that there are, and there are many very useful ones. So my suggestion would be to check out the live applications and see if you not be better off with them.

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