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Thread: Cannot sign into a Standard User Account in Vista

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    Question Cannot sign into a Standard User Account in Vista

    Hi There, First time on the Forum.

    When logging on to my computer as the administrator, everything is fine.

    However when my family attempt to log on as Standard Users, they enter their password, click enter, and the computer automatically switches to "Logging off" and goes back to the page where everyone logs in.

    I have set up new standard user accounts and passwords but nothing seems to help.

    Can any one help as my children are lost without the computer and I am loathe to let them log on as the administrator in case something goes wrong with this account.


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    Hi Sean
    What version are you using? have you tried logging in in safemode? If you can log in then do a complete disk check with auto repair errors and see if that helps. Have you also checked the User account settings to see if they are correct. If you go to it through Control panel User Accounts it will tell you what accounts are set up on there.

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    Hello Sean... Try booting into safe mode. If it works fine, then Use a Good AV program (updated) and scan for Trojan Horse viruses. It is caused by a Trojan Horse virus...

    You can try:
    BitDefneder AV
    Kaspersky AV

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    Open Services and ensure that the User Profile Service is set to Automatic & started. Next click on it Properties and open the Log On tab. Now ensure that only the Local System account is checked.

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