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Thread: how can i delete an invalid task?

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    Default how can i delete an invalid task?

    everytime i start task scheduler it Gives me

    "Task TEST: The task XML contains a value which is incorrectly formatted or out of range."

    it will not show up in the list!

    i ran "AT" in command prompt & said no entries was in the list!

    its not list in C:\Windows\Tasks

    how can i delete it?

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    To delete an invalid task use Schtasks command

    Open command prompt
    type SCHTASKS /Delete /TN * /F this will delete all tasks.

    In case you have creted some imp tasks you can backup it though by using
    SCHTASKS /Delete /S system /U user /P password /TN "Start Backup" /F
    SCHTASKS /Delete /S system /U user /P password /TN "Start Restore"

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