I ran across this website and thought i had seen the topic about not being able to open internet files. I have been battling with this since i got the computer but just never really cared as i do have a couple of them one running xp which is by far in my opinion up there with one of the most compatible as far as all around systems! anyways, i read a couple different options that were given to which I didnt quite understan what they were talking about. I have quite a bit of computer knowledge but I am baffled on this one. I have changed security features and all other things i can think of but i still get a one blink screen and back to the original file that is not opened. I felt like there may be a real issue with vista and I happened to be talking with an hp tech yesterday and he said he felt that vista has a lot of compatibility issues and thats why i am always having trouble. Also my temp. internet files got moved to another location on accident and I cant for nothing get them back to the documents and settings file and the disk space that they recommend is only allowing me to go up to 8 instead of the 50-250 it should. Any suggestions all you smarter than me kind people?