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Thread: Windows Vista users still there!

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    Unhappy Windows Vista users still there!

    Hi, I'm a newbie. Love this place! One recommendation:

    I just hate it when a site (like Adobe) issues an updated Version (like CS, CS2, CS3, CS4) then relegates all previous versions to bygone status. You have to really search to find advice, technical tips, tutorials, etc. Clearly the idea is to forcefully encourage the user to feel that they must upgrade or be left behind in the dust. It's about marketing, and totally unfair to users of previous interations.

    The same thing happens with Windows. I noticed that when I went to Features on the taskbar above, it was all about Windows 7.

    I for one would be grateful if at least XP and Vista were given equal billing for several years. After all, you aren't involved in marketing, right?

    Thanks for listening,


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    My earlier website WinVistaClub : Windows Vista Tips, Security, Downloads, Features, News, Views, & More was dedicated to Windows Vista.

    So if you click on the Features tab of that site, you will see what you want

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