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Thread: network problems - laptop will not show up in my network

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    Default network problems - laptop will not show up in my network

    Ok, first I apologize if this thread is in the wrong place, or if this has already been answered. my searches have concluded nothing.

    what I have is one hardwired xp desktop, one wireless vista desktop, and one wireless vista laptop.

    My xp desktop and and my vista desktop are connected beautifally

    but my laptop dispite doing everything exactly the same with it as my desktop, will not show up in my network. It does show up on the network map of my vista desktop, and all three pc's show up on the network map of the laptop. yet I simply can't see it on the network.

    Please tell me what I am missing here.

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    First thing have u joined or changed the work group name of all the three systems to a single name ??
    and secondly what ip addresses u have assigned to each system ??

    try des ip address settings:-
    wireless vista desktop:-

    xp desktop:-
    default gate way:-

    wireless vista laptop:-
    default gate way:-

    now bridge the wi-fi and lan network connections of ur vista system ..this should work 'coz i had already tried this ...

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