My Daughter said I am what you all call a newbie I think, although I am not sure if that is even possible when I am 83 years old. If I am a newbie does that mean people will be checking me to make sure I am old to buy beer at the store, that would be nice.

Alright I will try to explain my problem. Occasionaly the internet button will try to work and then I get a sign saying something like it is checking what the internet problem is and that I should look at problem reports to find out what to do. My oldest daughter helped me setting this up to work and I hate to keep asking her questions so I hope I am asking the right questions. Anyway I goes there and I am supposed to look at the instructions she said and then do what it says to do. Okay so the message says that I should check for updates but my daughter says that she set it up to automaticaly do that for me but it keeps telling me to do it. So I pushed the button to do that and it always says that I don't need any because of the way she set it up she says. Well I keep using it even though I get that message, I sure hope I am not wrecking it by doing that but I don't know what to so and I am tired of askng her all the time because I think she thinks I am losing it a little bit. Well so I gets this message saying to look for a updating all the time but it keeps telling me I don't need one so anyway I am not sure if I broke it or not but I would like to get it working the way it did before and it surely would nice to do it without asking her anymore questions. Betty also said that if I ask questions this way I tell them this information. Dell computer over 1 year old. it runs on Vista, and it is hooked up with the cabels from the wall.

Can anybody tell me what to do because she says that most times it is better to ask questions this way instead of calling her because she is busy alot. But I still really like this thing and I wish that my wife Marty could have seen me using it before she died last year. She said we were to old for one but Guss has one and he likes his a lot to and he is almost older than me. I am getting better all the time with it and now Guss asked me questions.