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Thread: Backing up with Macrium Reflect in Vista

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    Default Backing up with Macrium Reflect in Vista


    I hope this is appropriate post for here, that someone uses Macrium.

    Without trying to be offensive, If anyone has actually tried to test the backup file with the macrium rescu CD, please help me as I am a bit old & thick in the grey matter.

    A. I get confused of the Macrium Help instruction, see foto #3 below, 'Create Rescue CD' or 'Create a bootable rescue CD', can't do both so why show them?

    B. I made a Vista C:\ backup as #4 below.

    Then tried to create the Rescu CD using the BartPE option but:-

    Instead of geting what the Macrium Help file shows #2 which has the "Start the Reflect Restore Wizard" option, I get this #1 below, which does not have that option, thus making the boot CD useles. ............nick

    PS. unfortunately I could not create the screenshots the Nos refer to.
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