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Thread: windows vista media center fails to record - error 774

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    Default windows vista media center fails to record - error 774

    Up until recently media center recorded tv programmes no problem. However recently it fails to record with a 774 error. No matter whether I schedule a recording, manually record or press the record button or us the epg. I did empty the recorded tv folder to free up space on my hard drive. Could it be possible I have also deleted a file that media center requires to record? Any help appreciated...cheers

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    Pls see if this helps you:

    You need the IR Emitter cable that connects between the IR receiver for the
    remote and your set top box. That is how Media Center changes the channel
    on your set top box to show/record the actual program that you want.

    See this article by MVP Barb Bowman on setting up dual tuners for use with
    set top boxes. Its easily adaptable to one tuner.

    How to Use Dual Set-top Boxes in Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005
    Media Center - Unable to record (Error code: 774)

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    The error code 774 is just a generic error code for recording with media center. From what I have seen from people using the Vista Media Center is the Recordings.xml file and Recordings.bak files corrupting.

    If Andys link doesn't help try this one
    Crazy problem - Recording TV stopped working in Vista - The Green Button

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