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Thread: How to Disable Bios cache and shadowing

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    Default How to Disable Bios cache and shadowing

    I receive message Disable BIOS Memory Options such as caching.

    Boy am I glad I found this forum! I'm guessing this question might have been answered but I'll try again... been having multiple crash problems every time I start up my PC - Gateway GT5662 with Windows Vista.

    A common blue screen message is Disable BIOS Memory Options such as caching or shadowing.

    Went to F2 found the BIOS settings but then what? Only thing that says cache is external cache and internal cache... can you tell I'm in the weeds?

    Any help would be appreciated Thanks.

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    I'm not familiar with these issues, but this link Advanced CMOS Setup may be able to help you.

    External Cache Memory: Enabled if you have external cache memory (better known as L2 cache memory). This is a frequent error in CMOS setup as if Disabled when you have cache memory, the system performance decreases significantly. Most systems have from 64K to 512K of external cache. It is a cache between the CPU and the system bus. Different operating systems may address different levels of cache memory. For instance, DOS and Windows can address up to 64K at one time while Windows 95, OS/2 and Windows NT can address larger memory spaces. So, don't buy 256K of cache is you are using a DOS environment with less than 8MB of memory. It will not improve much the performance of your system. If Enabled when the system does not have cache memory, the system will freeze most of the time.

    Internal Cache Memory: Enable or disable the internal cache memory of the CPU (better known as L1 cache memory). Disabled for 386 and Enabled for 486 (1 to 8KB of internal CPU cache). If the CPU does not have internal cache, the system may freeze if enabled.

    In many AMI and AWARD BIOSes, the two previous options are implemented either as separate Internal and External Enable/Disable options, or as a single option (Cache Memory : Disabled/Internal/Both).
    Another related useful link: how do i disable bios memory options such as caching or shadowing?

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    Pls, I've tried accessingthe BIOS advanced menu but can't see it. After I punched in the F2 button of my DELL D600, it shows a first page where I can only change the dates/time but the remaining options aint highlighted. Really, am so confused, what am I not getting right?

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