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Thread: How to be rid off Microsoft Corporation screen.

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    Default How to be rid off Microsoft Corporation screen.

    Packard Bell Laptop running Vista Home Basic,---pre-loaded.

    This is not my laptop and I have a few questions but first.

    When booting the screen goes blank for a long time and then at bottom of screen the words " Microsoft Corporation " with a horizontal moving scrolling bar appear.

    I know there is a registry fix that stops this as I have done so myself in XP a along time ago but I can't remember how I did it, can any one help?

    When booting up, including the above the screen, Laptop screen goes blank four times before the welcome screen, obviously Windows is going through its boot up process but is there a way of speeding up this process, what processes are causing these blank screens?
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    To disable the Windows XP Splash Screen do the following:

    Go to Start Menu, click Run, type MSConfig in the run box, next click on the Boot Tab and check the box that says NoGuiBoot.

    To speed up the loading time you can disable Windows Services you don't need to run Automatically:
    This site has a listing of all the Windows XP services, what they do and which ones are safe to disable: BlackVipers
    You can alternatively Tweak your Windows Services safely using a free program from The Windows Club available in the TWC Freeware Section. The application uses the recommendations from BlackVipers site.

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    I think its the Vista boot screen you are referring too. The suggestion by L.W should do the job, but it will be replaced by the Aurora bootscreen. You can see how it looks here: Enable Windows Vista Hidden Aurora Bootscreen

    Else you may have to use a boot-screen changer app to change it, but I just would NOT advice that.

    I think your seeing the black screen a couple of times could be due to certain Drivers loading. Disabling startups from msconfig may be the easiest way to make Windows start faster.

    But you could also see:
    Make Windows Start, Run, Shutdown Faster !
    Make Windows 7 or Vista start faster using Windows Boot Performance Diagnostics | The Windows Club

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    Thank you the both of you for your response and I will certainly look at the links suggested.

    I know BV well as my own machines are WIN 64 bit and I have used it to trim the OSs

    It's not the splash screen I wrote of which I have disabled, it is on boot up a black screen, at the bottom of screen " Microsoft Corporation " with a horizontal rolling bar, the screen hangs for a few seconds before continuing with the boot up process.

    As I wrote, I do remember disabling exactly the same thing with XP via the registry a long time ago, just can't remember how I did it, it quite a hang time and it's bugging me.

    EDIT just looked at the boot screen link, that's exactly it, left hand pane, somewhere in the registry it can be stopped from loading all together, by doing so it increased boot speed.
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