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Thread: Problems opening files with Vista

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    Default Problems opening files with Vista

    Everytime I save a zip file or in this case today, an exported file from Wordpress, my system wants to save it as ‘Internet Explorer’. I can never open these types of files. Even if I click ‘Save As’, it’s in a format that my computer cannot open unless I use WinZip. This just stated to happen, I used to be able to open anything easily.

    Does this make sense? Can you offer some advice?

    I’m trying to export my Wordpress files so I can upload them to a new hosting plan.

    from Wordpress: Download Express File

    it downloads and then I find it in my Downloads Folder.

    I click on ‘open with Calc

    Then nothing.

    but if I click on ‘Open’ it chooses to open in an Explorer browser.

    What’s up with that? How do I fix this so my files will download and open in the format they are desgined to be in?

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    Why are you trying to open it?

    I have never used Download Express File buy if u r moving files then just download the required files and in your new host just upload the same.

    Better use some Backup/Restore plugin or download all files using FTP and then upload them

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    You may create a system restore point first and then try File Association Fixer to fix .zip file associations.

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