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Thread: scannow reveals non-repairable files

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    Default scannow reveals non-repairable files


    I have Vista Home Premium on my Compaq PC. For some reason System Restore cannot complete its task. I have tried removing all existing backups and starting again without success although new backups continue to be made.

    I tried scannow which revealed that some files had become corrupted and the application could not repair them. I'm not sure whether these two issues are connected.

    I have a system recovery backup on a second partition and a pair of HP DVDs which have the same title. My PC is working OK at the moment but obviously without System Restore I am skating on thin ice. I have all my photos and personal files backed up elsewhere but not a complete system backup, and this doesn't seem to be the best time to perform one with errors in existence.

    Could some kind person please advise me how to restore the corrupted/missing files and get System Restore running again? I would be most grateful.

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    You might want to try a Repair Install and see if it help.

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