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Thread: USB Ports and Mouse Recognition

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    Default USB Ports and Mouse Recognition

    Vista 32 bit Home Premium

    I am having difficulty in getting USB ports to recognise my mouse (Problem occured around a week ago).

    I have looked in 'Device Manager' under 'Universal Serial Bus Controllers' and note that 'Generic USB Hub' has a yellow triangle.

    Properties tell me ' This Device Cannot Start (Code 10)'.

    Driver is up to date

    If I uninstall the USB hub driver, then reboot will Vista re-install the driver automatically (mouse connected) Will I need the Vista DVD disk at hand? Is this the best thing to do?

    What does the Generic USB Hub do?


    When I initially start my machine, I get the BIOS screen that invites me to login (to start Vista). The mouse pointer may be frozen. If I re-start, the mouse may stay frozen; if I re-start the machine again, the mouse may become normal. When I login and look at the Generic USB Hub in Control panel the yellow triangle has gone. The next time I re-start the problem may recur. I mention all this in the hope that it may mean more to you than it does to me.


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    I also had this problem. But I took help of service provider to fix this problem. He made some changes in hardware and the problem git solved. You should also ask to an expert instead of solving it yourself.

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