I have last weekend transferred files that are on memory stick to this new machine.
the files was created on a XP system.
But on this machine open in WPS form and are not readable.
Not all files are in WPS format (Microsoft Works) the ones in DOC form are fine.

I have tried opening them on the stick and save as Rich Text etc etc but even then they are in a sort of Binary code that makes no sence.

The spread sheets and accounts was in Excel form and have opened in XLR fine

the only Microsoft office disc I have is Office 2000 Premium Edition and have loaded that as best as I could (4disc)

This new machine is Vista Home Premium.

I need to access the Profit and Loss files also others and so need this problem fixed.

I could use a friends machine to change the files if needed but dont want to risk loosing them all and obviously dont want to allow anyone to work on them when I am not "by their side" to observe as there are several "private data" files on it.

all help asap would be very much appreciated.