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Thread: Backing up Windows Updates

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    Default Backing up Windows Updates

    I have a Dell Vista DVD, but no complete backup image (no second disk).

    Can I backup all the Windows Updates. In case of the need to re-install I can then avoid all the updates?


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    Quote Originally Posted by anon_priv View Post
    I have a Dell Vista DVD, but no complete backup image (no second disk).Thanks
    You donīt need a second harddisk.
    I have a laptop with only 1 disk.
    Iīm using a linux-style setup with different partions for O/S, Programs & Media, which means that i only create backups of the O/S, and then i store the backups on the media-partion.
    With a second backup-copy on an external harddisk....

    When i create backups of my O/S with Macrium Reflect they are just under 10GB.
    Just partition your harddisk, so you get a new partition to store the backups on.
    Or you can use a USB-memory, even a small 16GB might be enough, but of course bigger is better.

    There are more than one way to do it...
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