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Thread: Why does ChkDsk run every time after abrupt shutdown?

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    Default Why does ChkDsk run every time after abrupt shutdown?


    Sometimes, usually at initial start, the memory fills and I cannot work. In frustration, I might decide to press the off button and restart.

    I have noticed that sometimes when I do this chkdsk starts and scans my disk.

    Is this because I have forced a re-start and files may be left broken and this tricks chkdsk into scanning the hard drive?


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    That could be the reason. Check Disk can run automatically, in the case of an abrupt shutdown or if it finds the file system to be ‘dirty’.

    Now do the following:

    Restart your computer and let ChkDsk run once completely.

    Next disable some unwanted startup entries using MSCONFIG. This will release some resources.

    If the problem persists, see Fix: ChkDsk or Check Disk runs at every startup in Windows 7.

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