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Thread: Folders don't just vanish! Where did it go?!?!?!

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    Default Folders don't just vanish! Where did it go?!?!?!

    I downloaded a game file from a website. After running the file, i realized that it was a downloader as in it would download the game from the internet & install it itself. I don't trust downloaders, they always install extra softwares even when you choose the option saying "no" or "cancel". Malwares, ughhh! So i clicked cancel & then my browser closed by itself. A few minutes later, i noticed that there was a new file on my desktop that i didn't install. I went to the location of the downloader's folder & tried to delete it. But it kept asking me for permission from the Administrator, i'm the Admin so i pressed "Continue" but it everytime i would do this it would show me a window saying "Cannot delete file." I opened my browser again to delete the file from there but there next to the downloaded file it said "Deleted". I went to the location of the folder & the folder wasn't there anymore. So thinking that i might have been able to delete it after trying to delete it so many times, i checked the Recycle Bin but the folder wasn't there either. I then uninstalled the unwanted software the downloader installed. I cleared my browsing history & opened my browser's setting to see that there was a notice on top saying "Your setting were changed by a suspicious third party, would you like to reset your settings?", i clicked "yes". Where did the folder go? I have run anti-virus & malware scan on my computer.

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    It would be a lot easier to help you if we could read your post....

    Your post is a good example of what you should not do.
    One big chunk of text, and no CR/LF....

    Please read the Forum Rules and the Posting Advice !

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