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Thread: Can't find Windows Clipboard Tool clpbrd.exe

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    jbssrmd Guest

    Default Can't find Windows Clipboard Tool clpbrd.exe

    Hi,I'm using Windows XP and I need to find text that I was told would be
    saved to my "windows clipboard" but I don't know when to find "windows
    clipboard".Please help!Thank-you!

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    HappyAndyK Guest

    Default Re: Can't find "Windows Clipboard"

    In XP this file was situated in C:\Windows\System32\clipbrd.exe. It is now
    missing as a part of the Vista installation. You can try to copy it from an
    XP installation, if you have access to it, and paste it in your Vista
    System32 folder. In most cases this is know to work. Else try Clipboard
    Viewer. For more on how to manage the clipboard in Vista, may help you.

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